“Simple Objects” travels to Sutter County Museum in Yuba City

Opening reception at Sutter County Museum was Friday, Sept. 27th at 6 pm. This is a really sweet museum, reflecting the history of cultures and people from the area. This installation is the 2nd iteration of “Simple Objects: An Excavation.”  Christy and I don’t own these objects, despite our intimate connection to each. It’s a privilege to let them all go, into the hands of another, to share. We sincerely hope you’ll be able to visit sometime between Sept 27th and Dec 1st. Share your thoughts about objects that mean and meant so much to you.

Link to in process sketchbook from start to finish.

The first installation was at Archival Gallery in June, 2019, a culmination of an intense and emotional six months for both Christy Heron-Clark and me. Click here for further information about the concept.  Click here to buy an exhibition catalog if you can’t visit this new installation.

In process installation by curator, Jessica Hougen.