Waiting for Jerry Garcia

This project began in late 1996, though it seems like yesterday. I created art all over the hotel, more work than I can count, or even document at this point. Here is a beginning to a bit of that story, the story about the process of creating such a huge project, what I’d hoped to accomplish (and did) and also some disappointments. It’s all about what it takes to do what you want to do, and how to persist.

Part 1: the garage murals, over 2,000 square feet of murals and ceramics, and an overall design of the space to keep pedestrians safe.

  Detail #1_ The story of Golden Gate Bridge color, International Orange #C0362C. Coming soon.

Postscript: Sadly, over the years, most if not all the work has been removed, painted over, or just plain destroyed. The garage murals were the last to go. At that point, I had released my copyrights to them, by mutual agreement several years before. They had every right to do as they liked, and as always, a new GM usually wants to do just that. Makes me so sad, as I really loved that project. That property (as of then) was the largest hotel outside of Vegas, west of the Mississippi and guests often never left the hotel to actually see San Francisco. Now all local references are gone- the interiors look like any other hotel anywhere. However, as an artist making work in public places, I must learn to let go. But still I’m still waiting for Jerry.