The American River, an essential watershed

After writing about water issues all over California, starting in 2011 as a freelance Op-Ed contributor to the “Sacramento Bee,” I’m now focused on one watershed: the American River.

Working with the Water Forum gave me a new opportunity to focus on one miraculous watershed. The American River is an example of how watersheds work in what is now a global issue. Who are the many humans and creatures that use the river, often in competing ways? How does a river work in high flow and low? What are the implications for our futures: creatures and humans? Because California is a state of extremes, our watershed is especially critical. Because I have a degree in history and a deep fascination with water, I’m transfixed by the opportunity to learn from experts, to try to understand, and to tell the story of the Lower American through the eyes of its many creatures. 

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There are 29 creatures hidden in the painting not including humans.
Otter, one of the main creatures in the Lower American River.

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The mural as an installation in a private residence, 8’x 11.5′ wide, printed on Dibond. Photo by Beau Jones.
From monarchs to owls, order today.

Click here to see the installation of the American River mural, Sacramento County Administration Center, 700 I St.