Day 1: CA Railroad Museum reincarnated: Wide Open Walls

Thrilled to be starting a complete repainting of the California State Railroad Museum mural that was installed as a digital mural in 1999. I’m repainting by hand this time as part of the fabulous mural festival, in Sacramento from August 10-20th. See Wide Open Walls site for all events, parties, and locations. My wall faces east, so I’ll be painting in the cooler mornings, starting high up on a lift. Image below shows mural in 2007.

CA Railroad Museum, installed as a vinyl mural in 1999.

Preliminary sketches
Original concept sketches, 1999.
@staylorart, #WideOpenWalls916
Testing materials at CA RR Museum, WideOpenWalls, August 2nd.

Testing brick color and red on the cowcatcher

Up on a lift, level with Freeway 5    

Some people have a Lyft driver, I literally have a lift driver. Mike Newby (but he’s not) from CA State Parks.

RR Museum Mural Lift