A fun 2020: not!

Had there ever been a more intense year? Nevertheless, plugging along here, with a new writer’s workshop and good projects. A couple of them are slow to actualize from proposal into action. First, the cartouche reproduction for the new Science Center, on 5 just north of downtown. Getting close though. At least I hope so, cause I sure don’t want to be the one holding up that magnificent project. Another is a painting I’ve been working on for a water organization: to be announced in October. Such a pleasure to have worked on that over the summer, and in minute detail: almost a one-hair-brush kind of project.

The Symbolism of Lafayette Square, June 17th, 2020, in response to hideous, unspeakable events, George Floyd and (mostly) peaceful protests: two our of five panels.  As a history major at UCLA, I studied political philosophers, including those that inspired democracy, or were inspired by democratic “ideals.” I add quotes to the concept of ideals, as really, they, meaning the Constitution for starters, are aspirations.

And here we are again, repeating what I explored a year ago last spring: wildfire and the aftermath. Like groundhog day without humor. So far, 2020 has been and continues to be a black and white world. Except for the color of burning.