Sacramento murals & projects

Since returning to Sacramento in 1984, I’ve created over 42 publicly placed mural and sculpture projects in the region- 22 exterior.  This mural, “Jack London,” is on the east side of Beer’s Books, on “S” Street. His face is a combination of about three different portraits- a portrayal of Jack as I see him. The text is from four different original manuscripts, as he wrote them, compliments of the Jack London Collection at the Huntington Library, San Marino. In the original concept, the text didn’t cover his face. But as I was painting, the text was so beautiful that I had to include it all.

Link to Map of a selection of Sacramento projects

A partial list of exterior projects: Beer’s Books, Birdcage Mall, Breadstore, Kadema Hall, CADA, Crocker, Railroad Museum, Del Paso Theater, “Delta Wind Machine,” “Diablo del Paso,” Hallmark Inn, “Michelangelo,” “Friends,” Lyon Village, Raley Field, Sac Zoo, Scott’s “Big Fish,” Fremont Park vessels, Regional Transit.