Glass tile mosaic for a custom fountain


For a collector’s fabulous custom home, a fountain. What a pleasure this was to make, to say nothing of the place in which it now sits. 23′ wide x 30″ high. The mosaic will appear to change as the sun moves across the sky each day, and with each season, and weather, of course. At night, it takes on a completely different feel. It will be in direct sun only part of each day. It’s part of the entry to the home, and can be viewed from most of the main living areas. The owner was obsessive about getting the exact water sound, and he succeeded. I heard the sound before I saw the fountain. What a blast!

Link to video, including water sound.

Fountain finished, with water. The color in the glass changes as light conditions change in the sky–cloudy days, sunny days.
Lighting as the sun sets.
Night lighting
View from interior, with cat.
Detail of one panel, in process.
Installation process by professionals.
Detail of process in studio.