Drop by Drop, an installation

An installation of over 5,000 ceramic elements, hand thrown, hand painted and marked, each a tiny distinct painting. Overall size is about 22′ wide x 11′ deep. I also designed the water feature, to fill the space with the sound of water.

This was a team effort. 13 steel structures hang from a 24′ ceiling, created by master welder Bill Kuyper. All ceramic elements were thrown and marked by Stephanie and master potter Sharron Totter. Painting of drops, one by one, by Stephanie and Sara Putnam, with help from Kay Overman and Sue Canevari. The laborious process of stringing over 5,000 drops onto woven steel cable was mostly accomplished by Sara Putnam, Mimi Morris and Nancy Teichert.

My fantastic client is John Jackson of Jackson Properties. Brian Huddleston, Project Manager, Danny Jesse, Project Superintendent installation by Tyron Chavez.


Water feature designed by Taylor, fills the space with the sound of water.


Drops in a pile


Detail of ceramic and steel installation.