“Dance,” a tribute to Carinne Binda and Ron Cunningham

In early 2015, I spent hours with the Sacramento Ballet, sitting on the floor, and watching the process of creating. Ron Cunningham and Carinne Binda, are now the former directors (Emeritus), after a 30 year commitment to dance in Sacramento. I wanted to understand how these amazing people make a ballet, and wrote an essay: Link to SacBee essay about the Ballet. Then, I had a wonderful experience creating a series of paintings for “Peter Pan,” which were projected during performances at the Convention Center. See video about that: Link to Bee video

The finished mural, August 2019.

Dancers and the Cunninghams

The process of creating the mural:

Now, as part of Wide Open Walls, we’re creating a mural tribute to Ron and Carinne. See my blog for updates on the mural, which will be installed at the Capital Athletic Club, starting this Wednesday, August 7th. My welding partner, Bill Kuyper is doing the actual install of panels that I painted in my studio.

Projecting the drawing, my friend, Ensley Eikenburg.

Until the installation, this digital image of each panel in position is the only idea I have of what it might look like.

To meet the needs of graffiti artists, paint manufacturers have responded with some superior products. As an “old style” artist, I’m certainly not above learning new tricks. Repainted the Railroad mural with these spray products.

With lots of brush work in addition.

Alexandra’s point shoes.