Exhibition at Archival Gallery, July 10-31, 2018

This is my first exhibition since Solomon Dubnick Gallery and the crash of the economy in 2008, after making work that expressed an exploration of water – for a year. Now I’ve reconnected with Darling Neath whom I’ve know since “the ol’ days” with the late and very great Michael Himovitz. Crows are a bit common, both as birds and as subjects for artists; they’re popular, marketable, and even prosaic. I’m drawn (no pun, but yes wait, a pun) to the repetition of making the same shape over and over, with alterations and markings. They’re crows of a sort, a murder for sure, and yet each has a distinct personality and they seem to communicate. So it’s a little about adaptation in a new world. I’m conjecturing that crows will be more agile, responsive and successful than humans.IMG_1552





Archival Gallery / 3223 Folsom Bl, Sacramento / 916-923-6204