“Dance: a Tribute,” to Carinne Binda & Ron Cunningham, Directors Emeritus, Sacramento Ballet

Update August 30: “Dance,” completed, for Wide Open Walls, 2019, 15′ high x 42′ w, aerosol and acrylic on panels.

Update August 5: “Dance,” is about the process of creating a mural – about the process of creating a ballet. After a 30 year career and contributions to dance in Sacramento, and after hours spent on the floor watching these brilliant people, I’m thrilled to be able to make this tribute to Carinne and Ron, and to dancers, too. The mural is 42′ wide x 12′ & 15′ high, on the rear side of Capital Athletic Club, P St, between 9th and 8th. I created the mural on panels, rather than on-site, for two main reasons: 1, the wall is too textured, and 2, steel construction just to the west make conditions too noisy and dirty. See my “projects” post for more information, and links to SacBee essay and video.