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Now that technology is so magical, I’ve been working hard to offer an easy way to offer my work. Original work in three categories: functional ceramics, sculpture and paintings/drawings.

Original sketch for silkscreen reproductions, Hyatt Regency, Sacramento, 1988. One of a set of two.

Support the Nature Center with the American River Collection.

Reproductions of my work in three categories: prints from original paintings/photos, the American River Collection–a special partnership with Effie Yeaw Nature Center, and “Artful Tease,” artistic merchandise with a twist.

An educational series of creatures on tees for kiddos

How about a family bonding experience of finding 29 creatures in a 1000 piece puzzle?

Reproduction of original paintings: example one.

The Artful Tease tee

The original painting created for an essay about the Sacramento Ballet in the Sacramento Bee.

The Artful Tease tee.

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