Being a committed artist is all I’ve ever wanted to do, ever tried to do, ever qualified to do. Making art & essays is really the same process: collecting a lot of a material, whether cement or clay or words, and stripping away until only the most essential remains.

This site presents a selection of projects, past and present. Most have deep connections to location, connecting visual and narrative. Like the best part of traveling, you never know what’s around the corner. New opportunities require constant adaption–to learn about a place, what lies beneath a surface, what it means & how I can bring a sense of perception & intimacy to my work in both essay & art.

Explore a subject of your choice: water and art

Mostly About Water: California history and watersheds are more relevant than ever. Having written about water all over California, now I’m mainly focused on one body of water: the American River.

How to be an Artist: having so far sustained a career as a creative, I’m exploring the 22 characteristics that have helped me persist. Perhaps I can save an aspiring artist from going into debt for graduate school.