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"Curiosity, scale and site: architecture, history and the audience are what drive my work. I respond with painting & sculpture in materials best suited to interpret the meaning of a place. I am a visual historian." -Stephanie Taylor
Stephanie Taylor's current art

Current Projects

  • Exhibition: Saturday, December 13th, 12-9

    Bob Androvich GalleryNew work3818 W. Land Park Drive, Sacramento"Domestic Diaries: Notes from the Kitchen"12x12" acrylic on wood panelsAcrylic on wood panel, 12x12x1.5" each"Glass Ball" "Reflections #2""Strawberries"

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An image of Stephanie Taylor's watercolor painting and a close-up of some of her art tools including watercolors, ink pens and pencils

Water & Landscape

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California Sketches

California Sketches

Explorations of contemporary California issues as an Op-ed contributor to Forum in the Sacramento Bee. Click here for a list of articles.- Read More