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Hubcap drawing

2020: most recent essays on a variety of subjects. Link to Medium

Two Wide Open Walls mural festivals,  2019 and 2017. 


As a working studio artist, I’ve had the pleasure of only making art to make a living. Good thing, as that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do, ever tried to do, ever qualified to do. That and writing, and making books. It’s really the same process, collecting a lot of a material, whether cement or clay or words, and stripping away until only the most essential remains.

I’ve always been fascinated with the role of scale in architecture: how people relate to space, and how they move through space, inside and out. The history of location is critical to me, taking every opportunity to learn about a place and what it means.

I’m one of those artists who is more concerned with a level of challenge and learning than I am in developing a “collectible” style. I thrive on a little risk: the feeling of starting a project not knowing exactly what to do or how to get it done, whether in words or images. It’s like the fun part of traveling — you never know what’s around the next bend.

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View the full portfolio